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Claudia Steele Lotz

Ceo Fig Trade Inc.

"Combine Joan's strong culinary skills with her "big audience" teaching background.  Add her energetic and winsome personality and mix with considerable marketing experience.  And we've got an engaging and credible brand ambassador for our growing brand of herbs, micro greens and florals. We love Joan!"


Dan Saklad


"Joan's 15+ years of marketing research experience combined with her culinary and writing skills have provided us with insights and concrete programs for building and maintaining “quick to fill" cooking classes with long wait lists."


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Ray Chan

Senor Vice President Thinkgen

"I am delighted to see Joan has combined her expertise in brand building and her passion for food into a new venture!  Joan uniquely offers her clients her intense curiosity honed by her long career in global marketing and market research along with her ardor for the culinary arts and delicious foods.

Her mastery of qualitative research techniques has helped numerous healthcare clients uncover their customers’ needs, wants, and desires. The culinary world now gets to enjoy Joan’s talents in finding unique insights that will ensure your brand’s success."