I absolutely love what I do, and I've specifically crafted my services around what I've found culinary businesses need most.

brand definition & opportunity Building

  • We will do this through qualitative and secondary marketing research  

communications & copywriting 

  • Offerings include advertising copywriting, teaching/public speaking/presentations, brand ambassadorship, menu development, press releases, and blog posts  

Brand specific social media strategy & content

  • Beginning with a research-based social media plan, we offer photography, photo editing, and strategic postings to build  and excite your base of followers  

grassroots growth & culinary influencer marketing

  • Customer-driven demand programs include teaching/workshops, opinion leader selection and team building, purposeful event networking, brand ambassadorship, and special event design and management


Don't see what you're looking for? Feel free to contact me to discuss your specific needs.  I would love to help!